Understanding Obesity & Gastric Bypass [Podcast]

Understanding Obesity and Gastric Bypass podcast, featuring special guest Jacob Guerra Martinez

If you’ve ever watched an episode of My 600lb Life then your obsession with weight and voyeurism is a thing, and your curiosity about weight may be more common than you think. My wife and I have watched this show many times and it reminds us not just how good we have it, but to also be mindful of how we live our lives.

No one obviously sets out to become obese, and normally we learn that a confluence of devastating life events has sent these would be weight loss candidates down the path that they’re on.

Truth be told I could stand to lose a few pounds, but that has never stopped me from gawking at fat people and wondering “why can’t they eat less, or exercise more?” I might think something to myself like “why don’t they just try gastric bypass?” as if that were quick and easy.

Well…, I finally got up the nerve to ask these questions and more of my colleague Jacob Guerra-Martinez who recently underwent this procedure. Jacob was never 600 lbs or homebound, but his outlook was starting to look and feel grim.

Listen in as I attempt to unpack his battle with obesity and find out more about the gastric bypass procedure. Enter your questions and comments in the forum below.

Jacob Guerra-Martinez, then and now:

a before and after look at Jacob pre surgery and post surgery.

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